Flag India

 Welcome to Flag India !

This is the Flag of self-disciplined, committed & dedicated Indians.

# Do NOT spit on the road.

# Do NOT throw garbage on the road.

# STOP before the STOP LINE at traffic signals.

More about Flag India

We at Flag India have created an opportunity for you to have a new Flag as a new identity of being an Indian.

Do you want to use the Flag of India as you wish?

Do you want to use the Flag of India whenever you want?

Do you want to use it as part of your clothing?

Well, you cannot do this with the official flag of India. We have an alternative for you here. A Flag of the people, by the people, for the people of India .

This Flag of India allows you to have a new identity.

The Americans, British, and many others have great respect for their National Flags and love and wear and use them as part of their daily lives.

If they can do it, we should also not be denied the pleasure of using our own flag.

Flag India will give you this opportunity now.

What are you waiting for?

Use this Flag of India wherever you want. Anyway you want. Let me warn you – you will enjoy and will feel connected to this Flag of India!

4 thoughts on “Flag India

  1. Great thinking! Need to push this into the public. Indian awareness
    movement starts with this new tricolor.

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  2. Rise of a new Indian race!

    1)We require a new Political Party in Delhi.

    2)In total there would be only two main Parties all over India.
    All other political party across the country should be abolished
    and their corrupt political members should be <– edited
    –> dismissed.

    3)Total change of constitution must be made with strict rules all
    over. for example: spitting on road or throwing garbage would
    cost you spot fine of 500rs. breaking of traffic rules spot fine
    of 1000rs.

    There will be no quota system. every Indian will be treated

    4)we need to emerge as a new military super power by <–
    edited –> making this great nation.

    5)Steps will be taken to abolish unemployment.

    6)Population of the country must be controlled. all cities and
    metropolis buildings should follow proper land plans. illegal
    buildings will be utterly destroyed.

    7)All illegal immigrants must be <– edited –> taken care
    of judiciously.

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